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About Leslie Coutterand

"Critical thinking and compassion can take us a long way. Deconstruct and question everything you think you know, want, feel and believe. Often beyond the constant conditioning lies the truth. And I believe true meaning and universal Love are right there. Behind the mask." 

Former actress, Leslie is a speaker, journalist, moderator, director, producer and climate activist.

We have seen her, among others, in lead roles on french national networks such as TF1 in Julie Lescaut a prime time TV series and France 2, in the TV series Deja Vu nominated for best teen show in 2010 at the national "TV festival de La Rochelle".

She was also part of the ensemble cast in the American film “Larry Gaye” alongside awards winners Henry Wrinkler, Marcia Gaye Harden and Stanley Tucci.

Since then, she produced for Nuro, SciFuture, Indeed, Google... and directed a mini series for BBC3.

After a long personal quest and meeting with spiritual leaders and Tibetan masters in Nepal, India and South East Asia, Leslie quit acting in 2016, and took a turning point in her career to focus on projects that have a positive impact on our society and the planet. Her radical life changes and experiences forced her to question her beliefs and patterns. She came out of it with refreshing perspectives and wisdom on our vision of success, social conditioning, and our need to belong, connect and Love.

In 2017, she launched 3 national environmental campaigns with and Friend of the Earth calling on major french banks to divest from the DAPL and invest in clean energy.

Since 2018, Leslie gave three TEDx Talks in France and the US, and speaks regularly at international summits about the impact of social and digital conditioning on our personalities & the society, our vision of Success and ambitions and environmental awareness. 

In Sept 2020, Leslie gave a lecture at Paris Dauphine and recently moderated some panels at the famous french summit "Les Sommets", where she also interviewed the former French Secretary of State of Ecological Transition, diverse CEOs, the presidents of European Business School EM Lyon and the Graduate Institue of Geneva specialized in International Affairs, philosophers, experts in psychology and award wininng authors. 

She is the founder of Flashworld Media a podcast and short doc production company aiming to open our perspectives and deconstruct mainstream toxic narratives. Flashworld is currently producing the Podcast "Deconditioned", hosted by Leslie Coutterand. The Podcast will launch in June 2022. 

Aside from her work, Leslie studied a year of law at Panthéon Sorbonne University in 2021, as she likes to say, "To learn and understand in depth the system I'm would like to change."

"With my posts I shape your world. With your posts you shape mine. In this hyperconnected world, our digital habits have a long term impact on ourselves, our society and our planet.”

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