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Meet Leslie 

Meet Leslie 

Meet Leslie 

Meet Leslie 

Meet Leslie 

Leslie, a dedicated French-American speaker, journalist, director, thought leader and change-maker, connects with audiences globally through her heartfelt insights and unwavering commitment to environmental and social justice.

A former actress with notable roles in French TV shows such as TF1's "Julie Lescaut" and France 2's "Deja Vu," Leslie also made her mark in the American film industry with roles in movies like "Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant," alongside renowned actors like Henry Winkler and Marcia Gay Harden. Additionally, she has had a successful international modeling career, featured in campaigns for luxurious brands.

Transitioning from her diverse background in entertainment, Leslie has focused on impactful storytelling and fostering global change.
With a broad portfolio of TEDx talks, international summits, and esteemed events including the Cannes Film Festival and Harvard Project for Asia and
International Relations, Science Po, & Paris Dauphine, she has become a trusted moderator and speaker. Leslie's company, Flashworld creates meaningful content that challenges societal norms and raises environmental awareness. Her work seeks to inspire thoughtful action, through story telling, positioning her as a compassionate advocate for a sustainable and equitable future.
Reach out to Leslie for your next event or project, and join her in making a positive impact

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What do I do ? 

My work revolves around promoting social consciousness and environmental awareness. Through my talks, podcasts, moderations, filmmaking, and journalism, I aim to challenge prevailing belief systems and empower individuals to question and break free from various forms of conditioning.

I emphasize the importance of critical thinking and compassion, highlighting the potential to drive significant progress and enable lasting change.

By critically examining and questioning everything we assume to know, desire, experience, and believe, we often uncover hidden truths beneath layers of conditioning.
This includes cultural, economic, familial, social
 conditioning, and polarized narratives. 
Understanding our motivations and the roots of our behaviors is crucial, as it helps us navigate through cognitive biases and external influences that shape our choices.  

Through deconditioning and critical thinking, we can develop a nuanced understanding of complex systems of influence. By refusing to buy into a system driven by fabricated desires imposed upon us, we can align our actions with our fundamental needs and act in ways that do not perpetuate harm to ourselves or our environment.

This process allows us to navigate societal pressures, imagine new narratives and ways of living, and collectively address the biggest challenge of our time : climate change.

Yes, we can transform our economy into one focused on care.
Yes, we can foster equity and collaboration prioritizing sustainability.
And yes, nurturing our planet and each other is not a compromise but rather the essence of meaningful and joyful living

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Dominique Busso | CEO FORBES FRANCE

"A lesson of wisdom and a perfect example of resilience to face our consumer society.

A true lesson for entrepreneurs!"

Projects Coming Soon

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Leslie Coutterand

Leslie Coutterand

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